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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team analyses each client's requirements and develop a QA Plan for each project to fulfill the unique requirements to provide an optimum business solution. The QA Team of our company is committed on delivering higher quality solutions quickly so that our clients can have the competitive advantage in the industry.

Our QA Methodology offers a blend of automated and manual testing methods as per the requirements to obtain comprehensive and comparable results, also saving time during iterations and repeat runs. For each test cycle, plans are created involving details like scope of test, test cases and test steps, test platform/duration. Test results are logged in Test Logs and provided to the client for each test run. We follow a strict plan so that there is no retakes or resetting of the whole process.

We carry the following tests.

• Unit Test: Initial testing of the solution, which mainly checks for bugs in the newly added code and design changes.

• Module Test: Testing of complete solution with the new changes. This is to check the complete technical and design of the solution.

• Functional Test: the work of Functional Testing is to check whether the new solution is providing the preferred functionality from the User/Business point of view or not.

• Regression and Load Test: It measures application response at 100% or more capacity utilization to ensure a solution’s scalability.

• Reports and Test Logs are provided to the customer for easy review. We assure you that our quality assurance service will bring out the best from your website. Our testing will enable our customers to accomplish effectiveness, predicable and efficiency of their businesses.