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Graphics Designing

Logo Graphics

We design high quality custom logos for companies ranging from small start-ups to major corporations. Our creative team of experts has a thorough understanding of the general culture and can deal with different subjects and can design logos that truly represent your company and conveys the right message.

A logo is a symbol that forms a trademark of a company and plays an important role in company recognition. It creates an identity of the company which people can easily remember. A logo has to be effective to leave a mark in one’s memory. It should not only be creative but also business oriented. Logo helps a great deal in promoting a product or a service and building the professional image of the company.

Our experience has helped us improve our logo design service conceptually and create professional quality creative logos that go beyond just conveying information.

You can see our Portfolio for our previous work Samples.


1. Creativity: We have an excellent team of creative experts who are individuals from the design background

2. Conceptualization: We analyze and understand your company’s market, vision and culture to know how best we can represent your company in a logo.

3. Competitive Pricing: Our prices are better than our competitors for the quality we offer.

4. Uniqueness: Our designs are custom done based on your business. We make sure it is unique and truly represent your company.

5. Satisfaction: We take time to listen to your requirements and do consider your input. We even provide options for revision to ensure complete satisfaction.

Dynamic letterhead, business card and envelope design

Your new logo will invariably will be reproduced on all manner of material, items and media. Among the most important – letterheads & business cards – still the business essentials. After all, there’s no better way to promote your new logo than a killer set of stationery emblazoned with your new company logo. Even in this electronic age, your letterheads and business cards remain the primary method through which your market will get to know your corporate identity. Like all our design services, we’ve made it easy to work with our design team, without every leaving your office. And once we’ve collaborated on your logo, who better to work with in the next step of the construction of your company brand?

tanks stationery design example

Letterhead & business cards – your marketing foot soldiers

Your new logo will invariably will be reproduced on all manner of material, items and media. At iSC, we recommend that you reproduce your logo design on every scrap of paper that leaves your office. That is particularly true of your letterhead, envelopes and business cards. They are your company’s foot soldiers – promoting your business, service or product as they make their way around from one pair of eyes to the next. And in an ever-competitive world, you better make sure that your business card, or letterhead, grabs the attention of your desired audience before your competition. And once viewed, you need to leave a lasting impression – the ‘ah-ha’ factor – so that your services or products come to mind in the future when they may be required. Here’s how it all works.

Our Stationery design services

When iSC creates your new corporate logo, we get to know a little about you. Your company. Your business philosophy. We are part of the birth of your new business logo. Doesn’t it make sense that this awareness is utilized in the design of the next step of your corporate makeover – your stationery – rather than employing the services of a relative stranger? Our designers are experienced with just about every industry going, and know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. We don’t just ‘slap’ your logo onto letterhead, business card and envelope layouts. Every stationery kit is designed, just like your logo, using our creative experience, technical knowledge of the processes involved, and cost-cutting techniques that many printers don’t want you to know (read our working with a printer for some basic tips). And once we’ve designed your stationery kit to your satisfaction, we’ll prepare your files as industry standard print impositions using PMS spot colors (or CYMK four color process where available – see our design glossary for more info on technical terms). We’ll supply you with .PDF versions of your letterheads, prepared in a manner that is desktop printer friendly. Basically, you can get started using your stationery, complete with your new logo, right away.

How does our stationery and letterhead design process work?

The same way that our logo design process works. You supply all the relevant information via our online stationery work sheets. Your designer then takes this information along with your graphic design logo, and designs several versions of your stationery using appropriate colors, design elements and accents, complimentary fonts and design.


Once the preliminary designs are completed, you can login to our Website Floor area, where you can preview the designs, request and approve revisions and proof all the typography. Once approved, your designer will then prepare vector based print-ready impositions (that can be taken to most print houses) that can be downloaded from your client-only area. We also ship the material via CD, so you are assured of always having digital versions of your stationery ready to go. As iSC is a design company, and while we don’t print material in-house, we work with preferred printers and offer flat-rate printing quotes, which while reasonable, also reflect the baby-sitting of your project that our designers perform. As professional designers, they want the logo that THEY created to look it’s very best.

Order alone or as part of our PLUS logo design packages

Stationery and letterhead packages are available as ‘stand-alone’ purchases, either after the logo design process, or using your already established logo design (outside logo design material must be in correct print-ready formats. If not, we may have to perform logo repair prior to stationery design). Stationery design is also included in some of our premium and PLUS logo design packages. Need a little help in deciding the right design approach for your stationery design project? See our Design Help Center for tips on letterhead design, business card design and envelope design from our design team.